This in-depth Bible Study puts the tools in your hands to consistently show up, get into the word, and experience a perspective-changing transformation. For six weeks we'll circle through four key passages of Scripture, returning to them week after week to find more depth and understanding in seeing our lives with God's perspective. I've done the heavy lifting so you can just show up and dive in! 

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Don't worry about what to read next! Each lesson is designed to grow your perspective muscles one session at a time.

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Video Introductions

Every week, in a brief video I'll introduce the theme we'll be diving into for that week's study. Consider it your pep talk for the week's deep dive.

Daily Deep Dives

Each day, you'll have a passage of Scripture to read, devotional-style study content to unpack, and reflection questions and prayer prompts to help you grow a deeper understanding of what this truth means for you. Days 6 & 7 of each week are lighter on content to give you a chance to review what you've learned, reflect on what God is whispering, and of course, catch up a little if you need to!

With an easy-to-follow online course format, you can dive in and start growing today.

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Alice, Ontario

Your thoughts in ´seem’ gave me an epiphany moment about lies that I had been believing about myself and my past for over 20 years. Just two days later, stepping out in who God says I am gave me the confidence to change courses at College into something that I was too scared to do before - which has taken me on an exciting new discovery… In God I can do more and I don’t need to rely on the affirmation of others to do it. I can see that letting go of the limitations I have put in myself is going to be a great adventure. I want to serve Jesus, not for the weight of other people’s expectations...

Sarah, North Carolina

I am so glad that I took this journey into a deeper perspective of God’s workings in and through my life!  40 Days Deeper: Perspective led me on a rich journey of refreshing and recommitment in seeking more of God in all ways. ...
So, are you thinking that you want more of God?  Are you thinking you want a deeper perspective of God and how He works in your life for your good and His glory?  Do you want to hear God speaking deeper within your heart?
Do you need, do you crave, do you thirst for a fresh out pouring of His living water? 
Can you commit to 40 glorious days of time with God as Caroline leads you through a deeper perspective of His great love and marvelous plans for your life?  You can have about as much of God as you really want!  Hallelujah, after this study, I am wanting more and more!

Susie, North Carolina

Oh my I am so sad that I have finished this study. I went a little overtime but this was so very timely personally to me!
Praying that God is grooming YOU to lead us through another wonderful study allowing us to grow closer to Him each day
Thank you God!
Thank you, Caroline!