For nearly a decade, I've been showing up in inboxes with one goal: to help followers of Jesus pause the hustle and pay attention to the whisper of God in their own lives. Through winsome honesty and deep study, this newsletter has been a gift to hundreds of readers. Together we're paying attention to God's Word, and listening for His whisper.

So What's One Day Deeper?

One Day Deeper is a weekly Newsletter that serves a community of readers by engaging with Scripture with the goal of growing in understanding, and considering how God's Truth applies practically in our lives as followers of Jesus.

Every month, we focus on one specific theme. Over the past six months, we've studied what the Bible has to tell us about Humility, Hope, Presence, Inheritance, and even what it means to see Jesus as our Good Shepherd. As we continue, we'll dive into concepts like contentment, hurry, faithfulness, and fear, and each week's email with bring greater depth to our study of that theme.

Add our phone wallpaper to your Lock Screen and join us in memorizing a key verse to help remind you to keep praying and pondering what you're learning!

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When you subscribe to the One Day Deeper Newsletter, you're empowering me to continue creating encouraging content to serve you, and other believers around the world. You'll also be invited to ask your own questions and suggest themes for future studies. Let's go deeper together!

Could you use a quiet nudge to pursue, ponder, and pray?

My heart, my prayer, and my goal is to continue to equip you to better understand God's Word, study it for yourself, and go out and live life as a follower of Jesus. Everything you receive from me will have that aim at heart!

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