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7 Days of Truth for the Fire

This one-week Bible Study will walk you through seven perhaps familiar but very powerful passages of Scripture that will anchor your soul in hard places. Through verse-by-verse study and guided prompts for pondering and prayer, VBV puts the tools in your hands to consistently show up, get into the word, and build your faith muscles on day at a time. Think more deeply about familiar stories, consider the original Greek or Hebrew text of key words, and renew your mind to hold onto hope, no matter what.

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One Week of Study that Can Bless All Your Days 


Daily Scriptures

Crack open your Bible and read these powerful verses for yourself.


Daily Studies

Dig deeper with study material that feels like a mix of story time and your favorite foreign language class.

Pray & Process

Follow the guided questions and prayer prompts to think through how God's Word is whispering to you.

Daily Deep Dives

Each day, you'll have a passage of Scripture to read, devotional-style study content to unpack, and reflection questions and prayer prompts to help you grow a deeper understanding of what this truth means for you. This is a great way to begin the habit of diving into Scripture for yourself... and if you enjoy it, you can try one of my longer studies next to keep going!

With an easy-to-follow online course format, you can dive in and start growing today.

What are you waiting for? 
This is truth today that will change your tomorrow.


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