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Hi! I'm Caroline.

And I'm fully convinced that you don't need a ministry degree or three extra hours in your day to have a deep and meaningful relationship with God. I create resources that will help you develop the spiritual disciplines of prayer and studying God's Word. If you're longing to find your way into deeper waters, I'm here to help.


Maybe God wants to speak...

but we're not quiet enough to listen.

I've made it my job to create resources that will help you slow down at the soul level, dive deeper into God's Word, and find the good, the lovely, and the wonderful things He has had in mind for you all along.

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Resources to Help You Keep Going Deeper

Online Bible Studies

Dive in DEEP with 40 Days Deeper, a 40-Day guided online Bible study. Over six weeks, you'll spiral through power-packed passages and grow your prayer, study and stick-to-it muscles at the same time.

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My weekly devotional-style emails are a great opportunity to pause, ponder and pray, and to look for one more way to dive deeper. They come with a few sweet extras, too.

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Verse by Verse

Learn actionable skills you can easily use to improve your study time by walking through one concept with a few key passages, verse by verse.

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40 Days Can Change Everything.

"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." You've heard those words, but what does that practically mean? This study will cycle through four pillar passages (and several supporting texts) to transform your perspective on your life story -- especially the hard parts -- and help you stand firm in a Biblical perspective, no matter what.

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